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Best shampoo for dogs with dry skin

Unlike for us humans, the dog does not have to wash and bathe on a daily basis. Every now and then, however, a bath is part of the dog’s basic hygiene, especially when dogs have gotten really dirty. However, many dog ​​owners are unsure about the topic and there are many opinions as to whether bathing and washing dogs is beneficial or even harmful for the dog.

Washing the dog with shampoo is particularly controversial and it is difficult to keep a clear view of all offers and opinions. In our dog shampoo test and buying guide you will learn everything you need to know about dog shampoos.

You will find out which shampoo is right for your four-legged friend so that he stays healthy, happy and happy for a long time. Moreover, if your dog has dry or sensitive skin you will obviously need a best shampoo for dogs with dry skin.

Best shampoo for dogs with dry skin

Dog shampoo advice

If you want to find the right shampoo for your dog, you should take some time to search. There are many very good products on the market, but not all of them are equally suitable for every dog. Every dog ​​is special and needs the right shampoo for it.

There are some criteria to consider for the correct selection of dog shampoo. The dog’s coat type is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a dog shampoo. Fur color and fur length also play an important role.

Furthermore, the skin condition of the dog should be observed. Is the dog more likely to have oily, dry or sensitive skin? Does the dog show an allergic complexion or should the shampoo also be used to control pests such as mites and fleas?

Scaly, dry itchy skin and white spots on the fur – all of these are signs that your dog has dandruff. But what causes it and how can you prevent it?

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from dandruff. However, due to the amount of hair, dandruff can become a much more troublesome disease for dogs than for us. It can even be an indicator of a major underlying disease.

What is dandruff in dogs?

Dandruff occurs in dogs when the sebaceous glands – which are responsible for making fats to protect and care for the skin – start to produce excessively. The excess skin fat and dry itchy skin can cause irritation and lead to dandruff and cause the skin to be rejected in larger quantities than normal.

What are the symptoms of dog dandruff?

  1. You will find your dog’s skin looks dry and possibly irritated or inflamed.
  2. Small white flakes can be seen on the fur, which also trickles on the dog blanket or your clothes.
  3. Depending on the severity of dandruff formation and the cause, scab, general hair loss, irregular bald spots and scratching or itching can also occur.
  4. Dog scales often occur in puppies, with breeds with medium and long hair at particular risk.
  5. Adult poodle lies on an examination table at the vet.
  6. There may be signs of allergies dry skin.

Causes of dry or sensitive skin in Dogs


Improper Nutrition

A common cause of flaky or sensitive skin in dogs is improper nutrition. Dogs eat the nutrients they need to develop healthy fur and skin. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 are vital for your dog’s skin. Since dogs cannot synthesize them themselves, they have to be supplied with food.

Protein issues

Protein is also very important; Your dog’s skin and hair need 30% of their daily protein requirement to grow and renew. Therefore, highly digestible and high-quality protein sources must be part of its feed. Vitamin A is also important as it regulates skin cell growth and sebum production.

Environmental factors

Dandruff in dogs can also be caused by environmental factors. With many dog ​​breeds, the seasonal appearance of dandruff on the skin is normal. However, if the room is particularly warm or cold, this can trigger skin reactions and impair sebum production, which can lead to dandruff. For example, a particularly warm environment can dry out your dog’s skin very quickly.

Parasite infestation

Dandruff can also be a symptom of parasite infestation. Biting and sucking lice and predatory mites (cheyletials) can also cause dandruff because they live in the fur and irritate the skin. This causes the dog to scratch and his skin reacts to it. Especially the predatory mites (Cheyletial) are responsible for the fact that the skin flakes, which can lead to itching, dandruff, and even hair loss.


Top 5 Shampoos for dogs with dry skin

1. PETICARE dog shampoo

The PETICARE dog shampoo is a special shampoo. It is a dog shampoo for itching, mites, fungus and flea infestation. With a pack size of 250ml and a purchase price of 31.80EUR, the shampoo is a high-priced variant in our dog shampoo test. It is particularly recommended for dogs with dry itchy skin.

Best against itching

It should, therefore, be used especially for dogs suffering from severe itching or parasites. With its antihistamine effect, it significantly reduces the itching and relieves the urge to scratch, lick and bite the skin and paws. These features make it a best shampoo for dogs with dry skin.

PETDOG Protect 2101

The shampoo is a combination product. With PETDOG Protect 2101, it accelerates the treatment and healing of fungi, mites, and other parasites on a natural basis. It gently cleanses and removes mite eggs, mite larvae and fungal spores from the skin.

Key features and benefits

  • Natural eucalyptus oil accelerates and promotes the healing of damaged skin.
  • The affected skin is soothed, moisturized and the itching is relieved.
  • In addition, the dog shampoo against fleas restores the skin barrier function and thus strengthens the dog’s natural defense against parasites.
  • The dog shampoo, like the other dog shampoos, is easy to use.
  • Mild and moisturizing washing substances of the shampoo allow a regular and consequent use without endangering the protective functions of the fur.
  • This dog shampoo against itching and parasites is ideal for supporting parasite treatment and for prophylaxis before re-infestation.

2. AniForte Fellharmonie dog shampoo

The AniForte Fellharmonie Shampoo from our dog shampoo test is a natural product with coconut oil extract and aloe vera. It cares about the dog’s fur and cures the dry itchy skin promoting its natural health.

Suitable for all dog breeds

The shampoo is suitable for all dog breeds and the light, natural coconut fragrance is mild and pleasant. It is not too pushy and the dog does not find it annoying. This shampoo is also a dog shampoo against itching and especially cares for dog’s sensitive skin.

Key features and benefits

  • It contains natural ingredients like coconut extract and aloe vera,
  • It’s best for dry dog ​​skin and makes the fur smooth and shiny.
  • AniForte attaches great importance to naturalness
  • It does not destroy the pH of the fur and skin.
  • Even with regular washing, the natural protective functions of the fur are retained.
  • Even woolly and long-haired dogs can be washed regularly with the shampoo.
  • This shampoo is not only strong against dirt and dandruff, but also helps protect against ticks when used regularly.
  • The bottle of dog shampoo holds 200ml.
  • The shampoo also foams well and is easy to wash out.
  • It leaves soft, shiny fur and works reliably against dandruff and dry skin.

3. Nobby dog ​​shampoo

The shampoo for dogs from Nobby is our price winner in the dog shampoo test. With a low purchase price and a large capacity of 1000ml, the shampoo is unbeatable in the price comparison. The company Nobby offers their dog shampoo in different versions. It is rightly a  best shampoo for dogs with dry skin.

Tea tree

The shampoo is available as tea tree shampoo, universal shampoo, puppy shampoo and 2 in 1 shampoo. The tea tree shampoo is a dog shampoo against fleas and other parasites.

Prevents infestation

It prevents infestation and supports treatment. It has an antibacterial formula and is effective against itching and pain on the skin.

Key features and benefits

  • The universal shampoo is the all-rounder and cares for the fur
  • For long-haired and woolly dogs, the 2 in 1 shampoo is particularly recommended.
  • It combines shampoo and conditioner in one product
  • It leaves the dog’s fur particularly conditioned and soft.
  • Nobby has created a puppy shampoo that offers particularly gentle care.
  • It gives young dogs and puppies a nice coat without attacking their skin
  • Argan oils in the shampoos prevent moisture loss from the dry itchy skin and fur.
  • The shampoos are also irritant to the eyes and suitable for all dog breeds.
  • The premium ingredients soothe damaged skin and give a silky shine.
  • With a pump cap on the large bottle, shampoos are easy to use.
  • They foam up easily and can be washed out just as easily.
  • It is a good choice with a low price and a large amount, but still high quality.

4. ALLERCALM dermatological dog shampoo

The dermatological dog shampoo ALLERCALM by VIRBAC is a shampoo for dogs with sensitive and irritated skin. In the dog shampoo test, this shampoo convinced by soothing, restructuring the sensitive skin and fur.

Special features

In the Allercalm dog shampoo, there are some special features that make it very efficient and yet gentle. Colloidal oat extracts moisturize and strengthen stressed skin. The innovative Spherulites technology was used by Virbac in Allercalm dog shampoo.

Capsule system

It is a capsule system from Allerderm. It causes the release of the active and nourishing substances to happen evenly on the skin surface. In addition, chitosanide is found in the Allercalm dog shampoo.

Natural substances

Chitosanide is a natural substance that creates a protective film over the skin and fur. This impregnates the fur and protects the skin barrier from drying out and penetration by pathogens. The pH value of the shampoo is 7 and thus in the spectrum of the natural pH values, the skin surface of dogs.

Key features and benefits

  • It is only suitable for external use and must not get into the dog’s eyes.
  • The shampoo has a capacity of 250ml and should be shaken well before use.
  • The scent of the shampoo is very pleasant and soothing.
  • It is of high quality and has delivered great results in the dog shampoo tests.
  • It ensures well-groomed skin and a shiny coat.
  • The dog visibly feels good after washing.


5. Paul Mitchell dog shampoo

It can be termed as a best shampoo for dogs with dry skin. Our comparison winner of the dog shampoo test is the Calming and Moisturizing Paul Mitchell dog shampoo. Thanks to its special care formula, it soothes the dry itchy skin and provides moisture.


AleoVera makes the Paul Mitchell dog shampoo strong against dry, stressed skin and turns the shampoo into a dog shampoo against itching. Chamomile extracts additionally strengthen the skin barrier and have an antimicrobial effect.


Panthenol, as an important natural ingredient, gives dull hair a new shine. Thanks to its valuable nourishing substances, the shampoo prevents itchy and sensitive skin and is even suitable for allergy-stricken dogs.

Key features and benefits

  • Overall, the shampoo is very pleasant to use
  • It foams up quickly and can be easily spread over the whole dog
  • Washing out is also quick and easy, without leaving any residue in the fur.
  • The mild scent of the shampoo is beneficial and neutralizes bad smells
  • The effect of the shampoo is long-lasting
  • It also ensures a shiny, soft and pleasantly fragrant fur.


When buying a dog shampoo, it is important to choose a high-quality shampoo and to think about any allergies dry skin. There are special sensitive dog shampoos for dogs that are prone to allergic reactions or show signs of sensitivity to shampoos.

If you are unsure whether your dog may be at risk of allergic reactions to shampoo, it is best to speak to your veterinarian. He can advise you exactly on the subject.