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A goodbye to our friend, Daisy


In 2013, we published this heartwarming Wag Story about Daisy and her family. Sadly, Daisy passed away this weekend. Her mom wrote a beautiful tribute that she has graciously shared with us and with you.  We hope you will read it and hug all your loved ones, the four-legged and two-legged ones, tight. Tonight and always. Our love goes out to Daisy's family during this sad time. 

-Elena, Brooke, and Christine


For those who don't know, our sweet and crazy Daisy passed away this weekend. Thanks to my husband who decided we should bring her with us to Tahoe, she had a beautiful last couple of days enjoying the fresh air. She even climbed into the creek each morning for some cool relaxation. She received many pats on the head and ear scratches and she spent some beautiful quiet time with each of us as well. She waited for a quiet moment, when we were all out, to pass away. A nearby vet will take care of her remains and we will pick up her ashes in a couple of weeks.

Daisy had a tough start to life -a lost puppy in the streets of Oakland who was picked up by Oakland animal control and put into the city animal shelter. By luck, an SPCA representative from Vacaville visited the city shelter while Daisy was there and thought she showed potential as an adoptable dog. They took her to the SPCA in Vacaville and we found her advertised as Bernadette, the Bernese Mountain dog (no picture) on Petfinder. As luck would have it we were on our way north for a weekend in Tahoe and were able to meet her (love at first sight) and take her home. So appropriate that we welcomed her and said goodbye from the same spot.

Daisy has been by our sides for 11.5 years through thick and thin and we have a hole in our hearts today.  I like to think she is in a restful state somewhere with endless tummy rubs and swims and yummy food - perhaps even reuniting with other special family members who have passed. They will enjoy her singing voice and loyal companionship smiley

On our walk before we received the call, our four year old son exclaimed with amazement and enthusiasm that Daisy and daisys are the same and that 'Daisy is everywhere!'  He hadn't drawn the connection before and it was really sweet to hear him thinking it through. Beautiful timing in retrospect.