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Aroo! Family2Family program now available nationwide!

---by Elena Battles

Happy news! Wagaroo’s Family2Family (F2F) Program is now available to families and dogs in all 50 states.  Aroo!

F2F has been our most popular program since the day it launched. Why? There is a clear need for this service on all sides:

  • F2F rehoming owners receive support and guidance through the best practice steps of rehoming a dog. This level of specialized service has never been available through traditional classified sites.
  • Additional community resources for rehoming are needed to help dogs #skiptheshelter. Bay Area shelters and rescues are our biggest referrers. Even in strong, compassionate communities like ours, there are still too many dogs for shelters and rescues to house.
  • Half of the potential adopters we surveyed would prefer to adopt a pet directly from its original family. These same families tell us the pet sections of traditional classified sites are “sketchy,” but they don’t know how else to connect with rehoming families.

These facts, combined with countless emails from across the country asking when Family2Family would be available in another state, made our next steps clear. Brooke, Christine, and I made F2F our number one priority. We had to make sure we could provide the same high level of service once the program expanded. We are so excited that day is here!

Wagaroo’rs, we know many of you are involved with animals in your community in some capacity. You have dogs, you volunteer for dogs, you foster, and you know of others in the rescue community. You can help us help more dogs by sharing this post with people you know. That way when someone needs a hand in rehoming their dog, they are more likely to find Wagaroo and get the help they need.

Roy the fetch-lovin' lab, currently available through Family2Family at wagaroo.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family2Family?

Owners in our Family2Family program need to find new loving homes for their dogs. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as a death in the family, financial challenges or having to move. We are committed to helping these caring owners find a new family for their dog and keep him/her out of the animal shelter. Each adoptable puppy/dog in the rehoming program has a photo and personality profile on wagaroo.com.  

Who decides who gets to adopt the dogs in Family2Family?

Owners always decide who will adopt their pet. Wagaroo makes the introduction between owners in our Family2Family program and individuals/families that are interested in adopting their dog.  We also provide advice on rehoming best practices. The rest is up to the owner.

Is there an adoption fee for Family2Family dogs?

Owners in Wagaroo’s Family2Family program agree not to accept any money for their dog. Instead, once the owner selects a new family for their dog, they may ask that new family to pay an adoption fee through Wagaroo. This fee goes back to serving future dogs in need. For more information about this process, please visit our FAQ page. 

Why do you help people rehome their dog? You should be helping them keep their dog.

The people who come to us to rehome their dog are almost always in crisis. A family member has died and has a pet that needs a new home. The owner is being forced to relocate for a job and can only find an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. Whatever the reason, every owner we’ve worked with is sad about giving up their dog and has deep feelings of guilt over the situation. Wagaroo is here to help the dog by helping the person.

When a rehoming owner comes to us, we offer them all types of resources, including training and veterinary referrals. Of the 200 dogs that entered into the Family2Family program in the past year, 25% stayed in their original home. Isn’t that great?! We believe our nonjudgmental approach to assisting our Family2Family owners is key to this success.  

There is no way to search by location on Wagaroo.com. How do I know where a dog is located?

You’re right. There’s no location search just yet. We are not letting that stop us from helping people and dogs! Each profile will have the dog’s city and state prominently listed so it’s easy for potential adopters to see where the family and dog lives. We’re guessing it won’t be too long before our first across-the-miles match. Puppy love knows no boundaries!

When are you going to offer Family2Family for cats?

We want to! We need to raise the funds to make this happen because of the website redevelopment and customer support involved. If you know of a person or company that would be interested in funding this project, email elena@wagaroo.com