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Daisy: A Wag Story

---posted May 17, 2013  

Wag Stories are tales about tails: how people found their dogs and how those dogs found their people. By sharing our stories, we connect with millions of other people who love their dogs, we help prospective dog owners in their own search process, and we learn from the experiences of others. Did you buy a pup? Find a stray? Adopt a dog? We want to hear from you. Submit your Wag Story, photo, and/or video to info@wagaroo.com. If your dog is selected to be posted on Wagaroo, we'll send you a t-shirt!  Aroo!

Eight years ago, my husband and I decided that we were ready to have a dog in our lives. I had fallen in love with the idea of having a Bernese Mountain dog but was torn because I also wanted to rescue a dog. I decided to embrace the challenge and attempt to do both! It took a lot of perseverance - running a search for Bernese Mountain dogs on the web at least once a week for months - but I finally found a posting for a Bernese Mountain dog mix! The dog was in Vacaville and we live on the peninsula but were planning a trip to Tahoe and thought this would be the perfect combination of events! Unfortunately, due to Friday traffic, we were running late so we called the facility and asked if they could stay open for another 10 minutes - we were almost there! They were not able to do so and asked that we come back the following day. We drove up to our friend’s house in Tahoe and I spent the night trying to decide if I should drive back 2 hours to Vacaville the following day and then return to Tahoe. The listing didn’t have a picture posted along with it which made me nervous because descriptions on the web



don’t always match the photo of the dog. I took the chance, jumped into the car the next day and we are so glad that I did! Daisy was the perfect dog for us. We fell in love right away! I filled out all of the paperwork and was told that I could take Daisy home the next day. We bought a ton of dog supplies and picked Daisy up to bring her home with us. We were so lucky to find her and can’t imagine life without her!!!

--Kate, San Carlos, CA