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Getting to Know: Love & Second Chances Rescue

--March 28, 2014

This week I have another happy addition to the Wagaroo rescue network to share: Love & Second Chances! I know you'll enjoy getting to know a bit more about this young rescue that’s making a big impact.

Melody Chen founded Love & Second Chances, which is based in San Ramon, California. Like many of us who help animals, Melody’s journey began when she fostered, and eventually adopted, a special dog. Melody’s muse was a pit mix named Sioux. Just one look at this gorgeous girl and it’s clear why she is Melody’s inspiration!

In the two years that followed, Melody worked as an independent rescuer. That work grew into Love & Second Chances, an all-breed canine adoption network with thousands of Bay Area fans. How did she do it? Using her professional experience in new media, marketing, and design, Melody tapped into the power of social networks to grow her base of foster homes, donors, and adopters to rescue hundreds of homeless dogs. All of those wonderful success stories are posted on the L&SC website - check out all those smiling faces!

Melody has also overseen the development of an international program within her organization. The program began when some of her volunteers approached her after their work travel to Asia, sharing stories of the abandoned dogs they saw on the streets. Melody had seen similar heartbreaking scenes firsthand when she was growing up in Taiwan. Knowing that bringing in homeless dogs from overseas can be controversial, Melody worked closely with local breed rescues to determine which breeds were in high demand here with waiting lists of adoptive families. Those are the types of dogs she focuses on for international rescue. Adoptive families are identifed and approved in advance and pick up their pup from the airport so that foster homes are left free for local dogs. Additionally, when you look through the Love & Second Chances listings, you'll notice a number of dogs with medical needs or that traditionally take longer to place, such as pit bull mixes. Melody is able to take on more of these special (read: more expensive) cases because of the international program's success. I am so impressed by Melody's thoughful approach to this complex issue. It's another example of this smart young women's determination to save dogs. In her words, "As long as we are capable of helping out, we will never say no!" You can find these dogs listed on Wagaroo under "International Breeds". One such pup is Owen, available for adoption now!

You can stay connected to Love & Second Chances on their website www.lovesecondchances.com, Twitter @Love2ndChances and Facebook at LoveSecondChances. And of course, you'll also find all their adoptable dogs on Wagaroo!

Welcome Melody, Sioux, and the Love & Second Chances volunteer team! We're so excited to help promote your dogs on Wagaroo!