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5 Best Dog Hair Clippers for Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu clipperBeing a breed lover, you must accept that owing any type of pets is always a plus in terms of indeed shared compassion. Not only does your pet fill your life as a domesticated animal or guardian but also companion alongside daily routines, in every mood its keeper experiences. Think about a human-like friend who to walk with, to eat with, to even celebrate the happiness on special days with can all the time be such a chill life ideas.

Shih Tzu, or “lion” in Chinese culture, comes to people living as a romantic and sweet princess that an Asian country proudly introduced. The dog breed, naturally lively to anyone who adopts it, is lucky to possess a very nice looking body with nearly perfect ratios from top to toe, easily seen in silky coat layers covering her featured long ears. Its whole dark marble-like eye pairs really cannot stop you from bringing her home with all-in-one lovely characteristics – independent, innocent but intelligent face and its inviting looks can easily prompt an act in you, taking care of her.

Shih Tzu’s special streaming hair flow

As you usually notice, this Shih Tzu is instinctively born with its full-of-hair cover that actually draws the opposite attraction. After a turning point of 6 to 12 months, its waterfall matted coat then shows obviously that requires more scheduled grooming.

Pet dog in general or Shih Tzu breed in particular surely enjoys regular hair cleaning like they own privilege once adopted, a Shih Tzu owner is able to manage this task well in presence of a few suggestions.

Hairstyles for Shih Tzu

Don’t hesitate to blend your admirable indigenous pal from China, dress her up with a range selection of haircuts if considering the appearance-change:

Long ponytail or free-flowing

Sometimes changing does mean stay the same… In wintertime, the most effective way to protect a dog from chilly weather yet blend a particular fashion style is simply decorate Shih Tzu by positioning a bow tie around the top hair bun as also called ponytail, this  often comes true when the pooch says goodbye to its puppy upbringing and its fur gets long enough. Now imagine your Shih Tzu in a very sexy noble beauty.

Short cut hairstyles

It’s not a bad idea to watch a short haircut Shih Tzu playing and jumping around, she looks so cool, neat and clean without fear of dirt stain on her coat unless you purposely dye it.

Whatever you like and your pet feels comfortable, go for a medium fur thickness cut and a quick thin layer overlaying ears trim. You can be totally a hair unique stylish in compliance with a classic or contemporary trend. Either an evenly definite short all over or together with a furrier tail clip both a necessary monthly refresh to your dog pet.

Bear in mind that repeating hair clipping from month to month is not something bordering, it extremely works as a stress relief remedy not yet mentioning fastened rope to build up a close bond between pet and owner. Even if you are feeling lost, the act promotes an embracing tender thus develop from both sides.


Details of the best hair clipper blades for Shih Tzu

Remember that selecting to buy and raise the dog should be a good reason to encourage yourself to take care of it in any circumstances.

No matter what hair condition has been roughly sketched for pretty Shih Tzu, a professional look beat all handmade effort. Don’t worry anyways, because the best collection of Shih Tzu pet coat trimmer is right here below to make your every pet glooming not a headache anymore.

1. Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

The most convenient found in this Wahl Arco Cordless is a complete wire independent, a cordless means portable for the ease of trimming.

How about making five-in-one technology multiple sets of blades optimize your grooming time? Provided that both pet and keeper are ready with a great deal of preparation, the full package of product is properly waiting to serve.

If you are not very patient in an extremely warm sunny day, a sort of light fit design can really keep your temper under control. The rest of the story is spending your time surfing over graceful different areas of mat.

Not only cleaning your beloved Shih Tzu, even for a second dog pet of different type, but this Arco Cordless should also be a smart option for an effective time planning. Totally actualize your trimming skill with a friendly maintenance-free motor, what a worthwhile investment!


  • Longer practice for less time charge batteries
  • Easy to pack everywhere
  • Higher exactness for each piece of detachable blade


2. Oster Turbo A5 Professional Clipper

Oyster A5 added to its advantage a wider blade top to deal with thick fur layers perfectly. Once the blade top performs a larger surface area, the job becomes simpler to its user. Comparing to the same characteristics of a similar brand name, it’s already a superior selection.

Desirable blades are there to fit all sorts of pet fur coats, from then save more money. It doesn’t stop there but flexibly work on dairy animals thanks to the influential motor.

A full function-integrated body allows connective operation all way through for efficient outcome and a 2-speed setting supports back and forward move to optimize regional body parts.

Unlike the rest, Oster Turbo A5 Professional Clipper will be better accompanied by the friction of its striped machine body that holds tight for such easy control, make it perfect movements.


  • Removable blade sizes vary from certain surface to surface
  • Providing wider blade edges for higher accuracy and faster grooming
  • Changeable blades are available in the U.S. domestic market


3. Oster A6 Slim 3-speed Pet Clipper

To some Shih Tzu owners who consider simplicity the top priority, this kit of hair clipping always a good idea in the way extra comfort, sporty shape and maintenance-free are precisely incorporated. Only when holding an Oyster A6 in hand, your regular cleaning work has never been more relaxing. This graceful breed of dog will also find it safer to experience such a low noise cleaner.

The motor is so compatible with a unique eccentric drive system that performs great smoothness and neat clip. A fully coated Shih Tzu of big size will test the product’s effectiveness and utterly persuade your trust in this case.

Blade sizes vary from 3 to 15 makes it possible for any change on certain surface grooming.

The Oyster brand’s international reputation produces a leading manufacturer in diverse home appliances, more than that pet products convincingly ensure superior performance and long-lasting designs.


  • Vibration around the motor is well-controlled to minimize noise
  • Maintenance-free as well as long durability
  • Slender shape for a comfortable hold


4. Wahl KM5 Rotary 2 – speed Professional Dog & Cat Clipper Kit

Apart from the other Wahl Arco wire-based design, this Wahl KM5 presents a favorable long cord to better encounter with not only your Shih Tzu in case that your family has a livestock farm, one for more! Until you decide to purchase this wrist pressure-free hair cutter, a customer satisfaction approach offer should assure your most pleasing experience.

Powerful engine helps work not only on indoor pets but also on livestock while modern technology maintains the motor’s speed constantly for a continuous hair clipping process.

The Wahl trademark of more than 100 years in operation affirms long-term prestige effects including customer satisfaction. To some extent, a warranty policy of 24 months always interests crowds of people.

The longest corded extension ever (14 foot) is willing to provide a waiting list of home animals besides your affective Shih Tzu.


  • A rotary motor manages to dedicated work
  • Breeders receive 30 days guarantee of satisfaction
  • Such an optimal trimming piece for fur of all types


5. Andis UltraEdge Super 2 – Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis UltraEdge Super 2 should not disappoint any pet shop owner by excellent practice it brings. It will entirely guarantee enjoyable moments for a proper clipping user and their “lion” pet no matter how soft dense fur layers or curved coat they handle.

Fighting against lack of slim fit, this Andis clipper diligently beats all coats and breeds availability, promising not a rough patch on your loving Shih Tzu’s appearance.

If you are a different user who intensively cares about an outward look, trust me many choices of colors for this helpful product never blinds you to make a good buying decision at all. More importantly, cool-running smart design can totally ignore the tension of fur clogging once in use.


  • Pet salon standard product
  • Impressive noise release
  • Dozens of blade variables for customers’ need can be easily searched within America



Question: Do you have to use a specialized Shih Tzu set of clipper among other options?

Answer: An easy yes if you are really a specialist in raising such a breed of dog, a professional Shih Tzu clipper would be a great pull to any customer visiting your pet caring services.

Question: What makes Shih Tzu set of clippers different?

Answer: It often comes in selective blades to deal with different sites of hair thickness and powerful main source of engine to ideally work in a long time period.

Question: How to handle a thick fur Shih Tzu well?

Answer: Coat clipping users should be paying attention to preparation steps to get Shih Tzu aware of an upcoming haircut. Satisfy its energetic play activities adequately so that it focuses on your trimming act. The more frequent practice, the more concentration it will get used to.

Gentle combing after giving the pooch a bath decides a complete task or not.

Closing summary

While previewing in mind what kind of trimming hair to pick at the store, you’re highly recommended to grab some stuffing tips of first-step handling to be certain that you would have a professional finish as you wish.

Creating a nice atmosphere

Forming regular grooming habit as Chinese pet dog was an easy training puppy

Last but not least, commit yourself to pick the finest Shih Tzu coat clipper up to your reality and enjoy the sweetest moments alongside your wonderful clever Shih Tzu.